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Séamus*I'm a little bit Irish*Casey
3 June 1980
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Seamus Casey passed away on 12 May, 2008, after being hit by a car on his way to work.

This message is posted by his wife, Laura. I will be keeping his livejournal here and maintaining it, as the legacy of Seamus is one well worth reading. What a fantastic man, and what a terrible loss to the world. Seamus' bio etc remains untouched below the italics.

I love him eternally.

I'm from Gisborne, New Zealand. Lived mostly in Christchurch and am a firm supporter of the Red and Blacks. I am currently working and studying part-time to be a singer in Perth, Australia under Anthea Moller. It is fantastic over here...a bit of a sandpit, but great. I am hoping to study at the Australian Opera Studio under Greg Yurisich. I have a wonderful girlfriend called Laura who is also studying to be a singer. I love her very much. My mates are in New Zealand and so is most of my family. I love it when the All Blacks win!! When NZ wins anything it's great over here. Especially if the Aussies lose. ;-) hehehe